we believe in thoughtful practices. a few highlights:
  • we strive to design pieces that are anything but disposable, timeless and effortless garments that can be worn in many ways, for many years.
  • we custom create our own yarn-dye woven textiles in a lengthy process that takes up to twelve months. we love that ace&jig's textiles help to highlight the artistry of the woven medium.
  • our manufacturer shares our ethical values and practices the holistic kaizen philosophy of always continuing to improve. they employ 90% women tailors and compensate them fairly. all employees benefit from free childcare, and fresh produce grown on site with reclaimed water.
  • we encourage thoughtful purchasing by creating our stockists by style page each season - a guide to the styles in our upcoming collection, which fabrics they will be offered in, and where they will be available for purchase.
  • items are only available for purchase when they arrive at our excellent stockists and are physically in their hands. we believe in buying items that can be touched, felt, tried on, ready to become a long-lived part of your wardrobe.