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we want to use our scraps for good!

during the creation of our collections, we always save any leftover textile scraps and find creative ways to use every last bit of our custom woven textiles. over the years, we’ve repurposed them in collaborations with artists, in our crowd-sourced community quilt, and in patch kits that you have upcycled in creative and unique ways!

in these recent weeks, we have been especially floored by the kindness and generosity of our community, and the way you’ve used our scraps to help others. thanks to you, we've launched and received many submissions to our first-ever Scrap Fellowship Program. help us select which project to fund by voting below! 


*vote ends Sunday, May 10th at 11:59pm ET, and winner will be notified and announced Monday, May 11th. 

in-depth project details below!

      • “I’m the founding director of the Children’s Institute of Fashion Arts. We are a NYC nonprofit devoted to expansive education in the craft and culture of clothing and primarily afterschool  programs. We are currently moving our afterschool programs on-line and sending materials to our program in a family shelter in Brooklyn to learn to sew. Kids will be learning hand sewing to make projects  they want to make.”
      • “I want to use your scraps to create custom stuffed animals to give to children at hospitals that cannot have visitors because of COVID-19. I have been using fabric scraps to create unique critters for many years now, and would be so grateful to put your textiles and my craft toward the purpose of making kids feel loved and seen. Check out examples of my work at: www.ninamakeseverything.com”
      • “Working as an art therapist at a mental health hospital in Sydney, I would love to offer these scraps to patients to make their own head scarfs as they are currently in lockdown and unable to access hairdressers. Hand sewing here in the open studio is where patients can experience important time for processing emotional content, to relax as a mindfulness act as well as being able to connect with others within the required physical distancing parameters.”
      • “I am currently a second grade special education teacher with a Masters in Art Education.  I will be using the scraps to create accessible, sustainable art for my students through a virtual class, unless of course we go back to school!  I would like to use the scraps for the students to create squares for a basic geometry lesson.  The squares will be measured, cut and arranged into a larger square (3x4 block) onto something the student May upcycle from home.  Ideas may include totes, reusable cloth bags, pillow cases, old t-shirts, etc.”
      • “I want to customize masks and donate them to my local women’s shelter and children’s hospital. I had an idea to make cute children’s masks that were comfortable, because those are usually the two reasons a child gives when they don’t want to wear something.”
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