our textile creation process reflects our respect and admiration for our environment.
  • our manufacturer ensures not a drop of water goes to waste in their facility. all the water comes from their own natural resource, and is processed in their own water softening plant to make it pure and soft enough to use for washing clothes.
  • employees are able to enjoy fruit and vegetables grown on site with reclaimed water.
  • ace&jig fabrics are dyed with azo free dyes.
  • our factory is situated in a rich weaving hub, in part because there is an abundance of cotton farming in and around this region. we source our cotton locally.
  • our web orders ship in eco-mailers which are made with 100% (90% post-consumer) recycled paper. all web orders are shipped carbon neutral, to help offset environmental impact.
  • our TIPA inner bags are certified fully compostable, made from 100% compostable polymers which are up to 30% plant-based. like an orange peel, these bags can be treated as organic waste and composted, and will fully break down in compost within a year.
  • **please note: these are not designed to be recycled like conventional plastics, they are meant to be composted.